Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Birthday Season

Hiiiiii! the nonexistent readers left here :)
So, February just rolled in and the awards season is in full swing; think Grammys, SAG and the globes! Similarly, January is our family's birthday season as we usher in the domino-ing row of us girls' birthdays!
It kicked off with your truly's which was the most subdued birthday in the whole 20 years of my existence -.- I find that the 'birthday excitement' dies down as you age as more events have taken place in your life that hold huge significances till birthdays become just another day..unlike when we are younger, birthday was when we anticipate the special attention and loads of presents! Not that I don't look forward to those anymore, but I noticed presents I receive from achieving something give me a sense of self-respect and self-worth- that pat on the back I invisibly give myself (Not that turning 2 decades old isn't an achievement on its own) instead of receiving gifts just because it's the historic day of your birth- yay!
Despite this, I still got excited over my birthday gifts this year not because they were things on my wishlist and not because they came from secret admirers but because of how unexpected the givers were and how strong the 'message' the presents contained :)

For starters, I received my first ever posted present! Literally, mailed to me via postage! Okay my overseas bound friends would be scoffing at this since they probably receive all their gifts from Malaysian friends/family via post but gimme a break lah. This small town girl with friends all within walking/driving distance wouldn't expect Mr. Postman asking for me kay. Ironically though, it came from a friend from college who lives within practical distance but hey she claims she knew I like unconventional surprises and that's what I got! Love you, Indian :')
It didn't even matter what was in the package since I cherished the Poslaju receipt anyway, but the gift was unique- a rice grain with my name imprinted on it, to be worn as a necklace and a love letter ;)
Another one was from my favourite camel whom I met on an impulsive last minute decision. He got me this tee that read 'I didn't lose. I let you win.' He claims it's because he knows I'd enjoy wearing it considering the number of times I never wanted to admit my defeat to him. Guess what camel? Here: you win. You won against me this one time for successfully getting me a statement tee I embody. For picking a better present than I ever would.

Next were subsequently Ariscca's then Avelynn's birthdays and did I mention ALL our birthdays fell on public holidays? Sigh. Those rare occurrences when I credit the government for politically correct decisions. Kudos!
Most people, when I told them about the straight row of birthdays, immediately gave that sneaky grin and said my parents are amazing planners who can now, economically save on cost of birthday cakes by making us all cut one! Yeah, like buy one on 24th, stuck candles on it, cut one slice to feed all and repeat process on 27th and 28th by varying the number of candles? Practical. But just to prove this theory wrong, we always got individual cakes every year even if we end up getting forced to have cakes for breakfast the rest of January! And this year's prettiest cake award was none other than the diva's- Ariscca's!

We had our usual joint birthday celebration dinner on Ariscca's birthday this year and this year my grandmother( now on referred to as Patti) joined us!

Oh and reversing back to a couple of days before my birthday, I had my pre celebration at Lavender's with friends of 12 years- Filza and Nazirah :D
Although, I'd like to think that it was more of celebrating 12 years of friendship rather than a birthday because I value that more than just a day of history.

For foodies out there, the place isn't that bad actually. Although the food selections were not very vast, what we ordered were all pretty good. Not awesome, but slightly above average.
We had my usual carbonara, Filza had her fav meatball spaghetti and Nazirah had the house special fish burger and chips. Also, the rosebud tea was nice :) Place setting is a 7/10!

Anyways, that's roughly about it this 2013's birthday. Nothing much to hype about but being the realist slightly pessimist that I am, I reckon growing up really changed the way I believe in birthdays. It's just like growing out of believing in fairytales, Santa or the tooth fairy. The reason being, in my humble opinion, there are other things or events that you learn will impact your life so much more! Like the day I received my A-Levels results or the day you first drove your car alone. Those are life-changing days. With that said, I also find that it actually is entirely up to me whether my day becomes life-changing. I could make my birthday a life-changing day if I want to. How? I have some thoughts on it but let's see if it happens next birthday ;)


Pramod Nambiar said...

Took you long enough! -.- Persistence is a virtue, my dear Ally...

Allysha Michael said...

Hahaha! Indeed it is, Nambiar ;) sigh, such a wordy post!

Aimi Syahirah said...

I'm having a hard time just to read your post ally.

Miss you babe :)

Allysha Michael said...

Mimo: Haha whhhhyyy too long is it?