Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Birthday Season

Hiiiiii! the nonexistent readers left here :)
So, February just rolled in and the awards season is in full swing; think Grammys, SAG and the globes! Similarly, January is our family's birthday season as we usher in the domino-ing row of us girls' birthdays!
It kicked off with your truly's which was the most subdued birthday in the whole 20 years of my existence -.- I find that the 'birthday excitement' dies down as you age as more events have taken place in your life that hold huge significances till birthdays become just another day..unlike when we are younger, birthday was when we anticipate the special attention and loads of presents! Not that I don't look forward to those anymore, but I noticed presents I receive from achieving something give me a sense of self-respect and self-worth- that pat on the back I invisibly give myself (Not that turning 2 decades old isn't an achievement on its own) instead of receiving gifts just because it's the historic day of your birth- yay!
Despite this, I still got excited over my birthday gifts this year not because they were things on my wishlist and not because they came from secret admirers but because of how unexpected the givers were and how strong the 'message' the presents contained :)

For starters, I received my first ever posted present! Literally, mailed to me via postage! Okay my overseas bound friends would be scoffing at this since they probably receive all their gifts from Malaysian friends/family via post but gimme a break lah. This small town girl with friends all within walking/driving distance wouldn't expect Mr. Postman asking for me kay. Ironically though, it came from a friend from college who lives within practical distance but hey she claims she knew I like unconventional surprises and that's what I got! Love you, Indian :')
It didn't even matter what was in the package since I cherished the Poslaju receipt anyway, but the gift was unique- a rice grain with my name imprinted on it, to be worn as a necklace and a love letter ;)
Another one was from my favourite camel whom I met on an impulsive last minute decision. He got me this tee that read 'I didn't lose. I let you win.' He claims it's because he knows I'd enjoy wearing it considering the number of times I never wanted to admit my defeat to him. Guess what camel? Here: you win. You won against me this one time for successfully getting me a statement tee I embody. For picking a better present than I ever would.

Next were subsequently Ariscca's then Avelynn's birthdays and did I mention ALL our birthdays fell on public holidays? Sigh. Those rare occurrences when I credit the government for politically correct decisions. Kudos!
Most people, when I told them about the straight row of birthdays, immediately gave that sneaky grin and said my parents are amazing planners who can now, economically save on cost of birthday cakes by making us all cut one! Yeah, like buy one on 24th, stuck candles on it, cut one slice to feed all and repeat process on 27th and 28th by varying the number of candles? Practical. But just to prove this theory wrong, we always got individual cakes every year even if we end up getting forced to have cakes for breakfast the rest of January! And this year's prettiest cake award was none other than the diva's- Ariscca's!

We had our usual joint birthday celebration dinner on Ariscca's birthday this year and this year my grandmother( now on referred to as Patti) joined us!

Oh and reversing back to a couple of days before my birthday, I had my pre celebration at Lavender's with friends of 12 years- Filza and Nazirah :D
Although, I'd like to think that it was more of celebrating 12 years of friendship rather than a birthday because I value that more than just a day of history.

For foodies out there, the place isn't that bad actually. Although the food selections were not very vast, what we ordered were all pretty good. Not awesome, but slightly above average.
We had my usual carbonara, Filza had her fav meatball spaghetti and Nazirah had the house special fish burger and chips. Also, the rosebud tea was nice :) Place setting is a 7/10!

Anyways, that's roughly about it this 2013's birthday. Nothing much to hype about but being the realist slightly pessimist that I am, I reckon growing up really changed the way I believe in birthdays. It's just like growing out of believing in fairytales, Santa or the tooth fairy. The reason being, in my humble opinion, there are other things or events that you learn will impact your life so much more! Like the day I received my A-Levels results or the day you first drove your car alone. Those are life-changing days. With that said, I also find that it actually is entirely up to me whether my day becomes life-changing. I could make my birthday a life-changing day if I want to. How? I have some thoughts on it but let's see if it happens next birthday ;)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

That solo trip back.....

I'm baaaaaack! Okay, a lil too much enthusiasm there when there really isn't much to be enthusiastic about at the moment. Anyway, yes I've been procrastinating. I said I would blog more often now that I've figured out how to blog via phone. But 1. I was busy with my A-Levels exams which ended last June 16th (finally -.-)  and 2. After THAT I was off to embark on my first ever solo trip back to where I was born.....Penang :) Which I didn't bring my lappy along and was too preoccupied with other, more current issues to even bother about blogging. Okay I've ran out of excuses. So basically what made me do this is the immense amount of blogwalking I've been doing and the immense amount of boredom that's hitting me.

On to the subject matter, Penang, ahh yes where do I begin. Since I have traces of amnesia, I'd use the pictures I've taken as the timeline. I'm using those unedited unfiltered ones because I'm too lazy to edit them before uploading so yes, excuse those zits and and bad lighting please :)

So, it was precisely a Monday when I boarded the 12 noon bus to Kulim, Kedah where I was conveniently seated right behind the driver. The first hour was exciting. Not the "Oh goodness look out the window its snowing" kind of excitement but more of like the feeling you have when you look next to you and you don't see your little sister jumping up and down the seat,  you don't see your mum giving that constipated 'anger control' look trying to get your sis to sit still and you don't see your dad being the unofficial tour guide going "Guys, we're now currently passing along the North-South highway"(I see that its a 'dad' thing to act all Know-It-All on all things directions and geography). THAT, my friends, is the feeling of independence. The first time I've traveled for a trip, alone. (Not including my Doha and Singapore trips because those were with debatemates)

The following hours were not important to elaborate on because eventually it just became a junkfood fest and trying to tune out all the annoying songs they play on the bus. Although I do have quite a diverse music inclination, I simple cannot tolerate those 'rock' tunes that sound in between of a man being strangled and a teenage boy hitting puberty -.- Oh and not to mention the moment when the driver oh-so-suavely pressed the remote and this LCD TV slowly swings down from the bus ceiling, he had this "Oh yeah who says buses ain't cool" look only to have the entire movie playing with no visuals. I kid you not. You hear these voices coming out from the screen That was when I knew it couldn't get more pathetic.

Day 1 (Monday)

Arrived at about late evening so my grandparents decided to go for early dinner at this fish pond area where they rear gazillion fishes which they conveniently catch upon every order. Personally I don't find it fascinating to dine somewhere like this. It makes it harder to swallow the fish. God knows what else the rear and plant around here. Apparently, its a good promotional strategy. Its sort of like an Eco tourism, they say. Ahh yes, those Nasi Kandar fellas should learn a thing or two from this shop. Relocate near a goat's farm; it makes your mutton curry that much tastier. 

Day 6 (Saturday)
The days in between were sucked by a massive blackhole. A blackhole that comprised of common daily routines which I shall not talk much about since it would be very repetitive. BUT, HOWEVER, NEVERTHELESS, some of the events that took place during this time would remain one of the most heartwarming events ever. I'm referring to the love from thy grandparents. 

How would I know?
1. I had The Star on the coffee table EVERY morning. And Grandpa only reads Sunday Star.
2. They brought me for McD breakfast because they thought 'our generation' would dig those kind of stuff. 
3. We could have stuck to the traditional Chinese meals but no, they brought me for Western because again, they assumed I'd like those food better. (My last name being all English y'know? LOL) 

(Oh yeah only the pics of ze food are edited ones btw. And and bottom right is the durian which I had it all to myself because they know its my favourite :P )
Venue: Boston Cafe
Place Setting: Very dim, and candlelight-ish, notably more apt for couples but oh well :)
Food Review: Top left was the seafood spaghetti which I found unique because unlike the white sauced or tomato ones (which I don't like) it had no sauce at all but yet tasted not bad. Though it was slightly on the oily side and had chili flakes, I thought it was alright. Top right is the Barley Lemon and bottom left is the traditional fish & chips. The F&C was pretty good for a small town standards. It wasn't fried but grilled so definitely a healthier option, but then again the cheese sauce sort of balanced out the healthy bit :( ( but cheese lovers like me ain't gonna complain! ) And last but not least, bottom right is you know what, my fav fruit :D 

Okay back to Saturday, I await the arrival of my uncle and his family to drive me back to the island for the weekend before I head back home. They arrive 6ish and we drove to this another Eco Tourism place in the form of a restaurant in the middle of a jungle!
...And it was obviously named....
(My lil cousins were very excited at the thought of dining somewhere oh-so-exotic while the older ones like me and my aunt weren't really convinced with the whole set up. Sigh. The downsides of growing up. )
Oh btw, we had more durians there and thats where my uncle came up with this whole theory that "If you love sweet durians, you are not a hardcore durian lover. Only those who love the bitter ones, are" Along those lines, I'd be thrown out of the durian lovers fan club :( But hey! Coffee lovers are entitled to choose between bitter, milky or sweet so why not durians too? #indenial :D
As you can see in that shot with my Yu Xuan, its really dark there and our table was on a transparent floorboard that sees through the pond beneath. That was probably where the amazingness ended because the food was nothing to be excited of and mosquitoes soon became our uninvited guests. 

Dinner done, we drove back to the island, without Ah Ma and Ah Kong :'( 

My personal bellboy ;)

  And not to forget that sweet proposal I'll never forget, when he asked "You be my girlfriend, okay?" right after this shot:
*melts* Awwh :')

After checking into their room, I was greeted by a sight of a flood of soft toys! I felt like a kid in a candystore! I thing its true what they say, you always feel the safest in the confinements of childhood. And all those soft toys did just that- it transported me back to a time when you slept alone but never felt lonely as these cuddly things made you believe in their company. 
It was almost midnight but I didn't come all the way without ending the night with a Pyjama partaaaaay! 
The background shows you exactly what I meant about the room being all cuddly colourful :D

No, I did not break my collarbone, fortunately. Though I reckon neck braces are the next big fashion statement! ;)

They look soooo similar. Must be that grin! 

Again, no backbone was broken either. Back braces wouldn't be too cool.  Piggyback rides FTW B)

Us, channeling the famous squinted Asian eyes look ^^

Day 7 (Sunday)
Woke up almost 11am! Blame the excessive partying the night before (\/) 
Skipped breakfast because my uncle and aunty had some serious brunch buffet in store for me! 
Pulled in to Trader's Hotel, Penang and the rest, was (gastronomic) history in the making!

Trust me this is just 1/10 of what they offer but lets just say these were my appetizers! #nokidding
What i liked about it was its variety from Japanese cuisine to Asian to Western. I'd let the pics to the talking and save time on food reviews!

 After that we dragged ourselves and our overfilled bellies (Sorry if the ride home consumed more fuel than usual) back to the condo where Yu Xuan and I would be spending the noon together while my aunt accompanies Xin Yi for her piano lessons and while uncle does the weekly grocery shopping!
On the way home, we pulled over by the roadside when an eyecatching monument begged for us to take a shot!
Ambassadors ;)

Upon contemplating on how to spend the lazy afternoon, we decided to laze at the balcony and do a lil bit of sunbathing (like as if I'm not tanned enough as it it) and gardening (which in our dictionary means touching the leaves and adjusting the pots postions. Its those little touches that matter, okay?)

Leaves care 101
Although the lil one is not buying it, it seems! *skeptical expression*

Ahh I did mention unedited right? So the zit is excusable.

Sunkissed tanned and loving it B)

Credits to my personal photog- a kindi going kid. So who says you need to be a pro to take pro shots :P

Giving those plants some much needed love XD

Soon enough it was evening and we headed to the park for some playtime!

Oh he was excited to get there, alright? 

Who needs Andrew Garfield when you can get an oh so adorable Spidey like this? ;)

Imprisoned. For excessive cuteness ;)

I won't ask if that's painful. I'll just assume it isn't. *straight face*

Credits to Yu Xuan again. It amazes me his little fingers don't suffer from Parkinson like mine does at times -.-
And the kids were obviously not the only ones having all the fun! I was swinging my way down memory lane of childhood :')

After some running abouts and shouting out of my name by the kids, I was convinced like the entire park knew my name #perasanmoment. So we left for a stroll at Gurney Plaza. We were supposedly supposed to do some shoe shopping but nothing caught our eye. Even if it did, it caught our wallets first. So yes. Shoe shopping on hold. 
Dinner that night was special! After all the fancy dining, the perfect way to end my trip really was all about going back to basics. Hence the whole reason why I chose Penang as my solo trip destination. Because I was born here. What better way to go back to your roots :) So an authentic Penang fare was all I need. I wasn't disappointed!

One of this shop's speciality. Basically its toast with Planta and sugar. But that's generally a favourite!

The lil boy's fav! He's a meat lover! ALL kinds of meat! 

I'm sorry you're cute and all that but right now, my heart and eyes are set on that beauty behind you! Fab background I must say ;)

Okay, the shop's main speciality is actually their seafood noodles. Being the seafood lover that I am, I wanted to be really 'involved' in the making process so I handpicked my condiments. But turns out, I wasn't very adventurous because the frogs and fresh fish meat were the must-try and i chose to settle with fried fish pieces, fishballs and quail's eggs (also my fav) The fried fish pieces were awesome! Very compact in taste and texture. I don't know what they used for batter but it sure was yummy! :D

Since it was school day the next day, we couldn't have Pyjama Party 2.0 :(
My bus back was early next morning so we slept off while I was requested to sing 12 Days of Christmas as their lullaby. 
P/S: Lemme tell you, its a bad idea. You end up more awake than ever, trying to recall all the 12 things -.-

Final Day (Monday)
I woke up to a gentle tug by Yu Xuan wanting to bid me goodbye before he goes off to Kindi. He pulled my neck up and gave me a peck on the cheek. (I swear my heart couldn't have been heavier that moment :'( )
That's ByeBye for him while XinYi was to follow me with her mom to send me to the station.
Rushed through the morning coffee and packing and sneaked a final shot:

Yep thats the view from ze condo :) Gonna miss this...

I shall not ramble on the emotional goodbyes at the station because really, at 2am now, the last thing i need is an emotional outburst. Took my seat and sat the whole journey reflecting my experience. I'll end this post with some random shots :)

 Drawing by XinYi on the room wall. I liked this one the most. It has some Picasso-ish quality to it especially because of the two toned face colouring. Not bad. And artistic pair of siblings indeed. An artist and another...a pro photog ;)

Our drawings. Top: Yu Xuan's (extra 'a' to my name, I assume out of enthusiasm :P)
Middle: Yours truly
Bottom: XinYi's

This family-themed drawing is the perfect way to end this entry (Or as my friend sarcastically puts is; travelogue -.-) because I really managed to do some much needed soul searching. It boils down to the fact that I always have that little piece in me that puts my family first. When given the choice to do ANYTHING I can after exams, with no doubts, my instinct was to spend it with my grandparents and my uncle's family back in my hometown. And I have no regrets. It was quiet and very laid back, much like how I like my life to be really. Away from technology (though I cheated a little because I hacked my neighbour's Wifi, eventhough it was password protected! Blame my uncle for teaching me the trick but atleast i get to be all spy-like whilst I'm doing it!) and closer to loved ones.
This is home. And I'll be back in August!

P/S: Please please ignore any typos or grammatical errors because as I type, its 2.15am and I can barely feel my neck Therefore I didn't proofread or do much editing to the fonts etc. It's just a simple, honest post. So yeah, much apologies :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Blogging via phone

Alright! Now that i've discovered i can blog via Android,i hereby declare that i shall update more regularly!
Pfft yeah right. I've said this like a million times. -.-
But optimistically speaking,if this succeeds,i'll be able to struck this off my new year's resolution list which,btw,have remained the same for like 3 years. Lol. So yeah,im glad i can do it this way. Much more convenient! :)

Phone blogging


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Food Testing. A Malaysian habit?

Me and the family were strolling through Pyramid the other day and we 'so happen' to enter this candy store. And....the sight that welcomed us was like a drought welcoming the rain, a coffee welcoming the milk and you get the picture. This...

Pretty huh? :D (Okay maybe my phone app hyped it up a little,but doesnt take away the fact that the colours didn't fail in making us smile)
THAT was not the good news though,as the saying goes;
 "Nice to see, Nice to hold, Once swallowed, Considered sold" 
Therefore, the good news was the shop assistant's nod when we asked "Can test?"
Thats it! We,of course,being the Malaysians that we are digested more that what is allocated for 'testing' AND probably only bought 1/4 of what we already consumed FOC.

I admit,this is a little embarrassing. But I simple cannot help it. I wonder if its a CULTURE that we're used to or its merely an individual's lack of self-control and excessive greed. I certainly do not want to be labelled as 
Hence, i conclude it is a Malaysian thing. Haha. Nah kidding. There would be a million situations to contradict my conclusion anyway. Like for example:

 1. The stares the shopkeepers give the patrons who walk pass the offerings for countless times but never seem to make it to the counter to pay.

2. The microteenyweeny size of the offerings. You'd be lucky if it doesn't slip through your fingers. And they actually think we'd settle for one? Usually its like "Whoops i meant to take one,but hehe,TERtook a few more."

These situations present us with parties who do not seem too pleasant with the whole 'food testing' idea. Therefore, we really can't say if its a malaysian thing. Though maybe thats the case as they are running the business and who knows whether or not they are guilty of this 'habit' elsewhere,besides working hours. 

But I would prefer to say its an individual thing. The satisfaction of being able to try a little bit of that and a little bit of this takes away the burden of being 'spoilt for choice'.

This so called theory definitely works in life,regardless of one's nationality. It doesn't only apply to food but a whole lot of things like relationships,jobs and clothes! Who doesn't try on every other dress on the rack but end up buying one. Or none. 

On the point of relationships,Id rather not elaborate. Try to apply the analogy yourself and let me know your findings ;) 
CAUTION: In no way am I encouraging people to 'test' a few guys before deciding to commit but we do form friendships before love and we do,conscious or not, secretly 'test' which one would be worth the commitment,thus,that transition from friendship -----> <3 

After all those random and probably irrelevant points, I say its not a Malaysian thing. Its human nature to adopt this 'testing' habit. *confident look*

Now that I've convinced myself, i can continue the over-testing with lesser guilt. XD

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Sis got Married~!

Okay before you guys freak out and start accusing me for not sending an invitation, or before you go running to your email inbox checking to see if I had sent an e-invitation instead and before you start thinking which sis of mine got married..or rather, which one is even old enough to marry, this is a post that made me feel dumb -_____________-
So one fine evening while i was lounging on the couch watching this malay drama which i've been hooked on to lately- Soffiya, TV3 (err sorry for the random ad) Ariscca decides to stage a stand-up comedy (joke was on me)
Ris: My piano teacher gave me present for getting married!
Me: (somewhat distracted) Mmmm...Oh i see..nice..What she gave?
Ris: This!! (flashing an Angry Bird ruler)
Me: (silently wondering how Angry Bird got THIS famous) Ruler? Why did she give a ruler for getting married?
Ris: Dunno..everyone got :D
Me: married to a what? Chinese?
Ris: Huh? She got married long time ago lah..her daughter 6 years old
Me: Then? you said your teacher got married?
Ris: Not my teacher laaaaaaaaa! I got married!
Me: (Irritated) Haiya, whatever lah...not funny
Me: yeah yeah whatever..
Ris: (calling out to mummy) Mmy, I got MERIT for my Piano exams right?!
Me: huh? what? OH, MERIT?! Errr ohhh okay okay *slaps head (silently curses Kim Kardashian's wedding advertisement for implanting the 'marriage' craze in me)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I'm addicted to the pain you cause
Though I swore
I'll never walk through faulty doors
But to escape the world, I'll endure
The familiar steps down the gallows

The roses shower down
It's scent sweet as the promises endowed
Hatred blurred, hands reaching out
Thorns poked, yet fingers firmly grasped around

Bruised, bleeding and defeated
I stumble out the faulty door, cheated
Roses- I should have buried, and doors- bolted
But no, blinded I was, I treasured
Every memory, every picture we painted
Doesn't matter if they have faded
'Cause to the pain I'm addicted